Review: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil

Lovely argan oil scent! Precious argan oil is the main ingredient in this range of products. Argan oil is widely known for its multiple benefits. They also call it liquid gold! Products come with an attractive packaging. They stand out for their delicious scent, highly  moisturizing impact and shine. The Wild Argan Oil Body Shop range has ten products: scrub, body butter, body lotion, hand cream, shower gel, radiant oil, massage soap, lip balm, bubbling bath and miracle solid oil.

The last years I have been using the Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Butter with great success. So, I wanted to try more products of the wild argan oil range since I am in love with its sophisticated and warming scent. I have ordered Wild Argan Oil Classic Picks, which contains four body care products and a mini bath lily. I have tried all these and I am here to share my experience with you!


Wild Argan Oil Body Butter: The must have body butter! Widely known for its nourishing effects! It is applied easily and makes you feel special. It is quickly absorbed, which means that you can put on your favorite jeans right afterwards! It gives a feeling of deep moisturizing. The best is that its nice, sweet scent lasts for hours. I have bought this product many many times for me and for my friends. It is the first product that comes to my mind when talking about body care products. I have used it throughout summer for my body, mainly legs and heels. My skin remained shiny despite the sun and the sea. Body shop body butter, you are a real miracle!


Wild Argan Oil Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub: It is a rough body scrub. I love using body scrubs to remove dead cells from my skin. The scrub has fine small granules incorporated in a brown gel. Although it is called intense, it will not hurt your skin, even it is sensitive like mine. In damp skin, you apply a small amount of the product and massage gently with circular motions. Body shop suggests to use it two or three times per week. I think once in a week is great. After the bath, you will feel your skin really soft and smooth. It is a nice product and keeps its promises. I would buy it again but… I am in love with another body scrub. The one and only I use lately! I will not tell you which. There will be a special post for this. Stay tuned to find out!


Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel: The shower gel has also a lovely scent that lasts. It is soap-free and does not dry the skin. It produces good foam even with a small amount on your mini bath lily. Leaves your skin supple and comfortable. Use it in your bath and enjoy the sensuality!


Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap: The Wild Argan Massage Soap is designed in a way that you can massage your body while you clean it. Its special shape like knobby massager makes it really cool! As mentioned in the official body shop site it helps microcirculation and relieves tense from muscles. From my point of view, it is not as user-friendly as I would like. I also felt my skin a bit dry after application. Combined with the body butter, you will have great skin afterwards. But why not buy the shower gel instead? I generally prefer shower gels instead of soaps, so if you like soaps maybe I am not the right person to ask.


I would also like to try Wild Argan Miracle Solid Oil for body and hair. Blogger reviews give it a high rating. Have you tried Miracle Solid Oil or other Wild Argan Oil product? If yes, please let a comment and let me know!

Well, now, do I suggest it? Definitely yes! I suggest that you buy Wild Argan Oil Classic Picks for you or for a friend! It gives a sense of luxury and we deserve that! I gifted it to Lena as well! I usually buy for me the body butter and the shower gel, in the big packaging! Prices can be found online on the body shop official site. Have in mind that they have offers once in a while.

Smiles and Kisses, Katerina

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