We love movies: Romantic Mood x 5!

Ρομαντικές ταινίες Αγίου Βαλεντίνου

The weekend is coming, a perfect opportunity for a movie night! Prepare popcorn, get a glass of wine and either with your better half or with your friends, enjoy the movie! I thought, well, as Valentine’s Day is coming to introduce you in a romantic mood. Here are my 5 favorite romantic movies! A little different from the usual love story, but it’s exactly the reason why I’ve singled them out.

  1. About Time – 2013: At the age of 21, Tim discovers he can travel in time and change what happens and has happened in his own life. He starts trying to get a girlfriend … When I first read the case, I thought … well, time travel … it seems a little weird… I couldn’t have been more mistaken! It’s a funny movie, sweet and original, leaving you with a smile on the lips. The message: Live every day as you would do if you had the magical power to live it for the second time! It also has very nice music. I discovered again Nick Cave and the fantastic Into My Arms!
  2. Blue Valentine – 2010: The story of the acquaintance and the love affair of a couple who now sees his marriage to fall apart. A really great movie! It moves at a very low profile, without unnecessary dialogues and addresses the issue in a very realistic way, without becoming melodramatic.
  3. Silver Linings Playbook – 2012: After eight months in a mental hospital, Pat returned to his parents’ house and tries both to adapt to his new life and to come into contact with his ex-wife. His acquaintance with the young, charming and problematic Tiffany will, even more, complicate things. Original script, elegant directing and very good dialogues. In very simple words, valuable life lessons are reflected. It is dramatic without being melodramatic, funny without being ridiculous. The actors’ performances are also great!
  4. Before Sunrise – 1995: The brief encounter of a French student and a young American in Vienna. One of my very favorite films. A walk in Vienna one night in July, a conversation between the two that goes from sex and relationships to architecture and reincarnation and the sense that both have experienced the love of their life! If you like the movie, you will definitely want to see the evolution of the relationship of the couple in Before Sunset (2004) and Before Midnight (2013). Favorite trilogy!
  5. Midnight in Paris – 2011: An American writer, a lover of romantic and bohemian life, visiting Paris with his realistic wife. One night, when the clock struck midnight, he found himself suddenly back in the Belle Époque. Woody Allen succeeds at the same time in glorifying and demystifying the Paris of the early 20th century. Love, nostalgia, art. Very good movie!

I’m looking forward to your suggestions!

Enjoy the movie!

Lena, XO

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2 Comment

  1. Reply
    Chrysi-Bliss Seeking Mom
    26 Φεβρουαρίου 2017 at 10:39

    Το Before Sunrise και το Midnight in Paris είναι από τα αγαπημένα μου (αγαπώ Γούντι). Θα προσέθετα και το Eat, Pray, Love και το Holiday. Είναι πολύ γλυκιές και ενδιαφέρουσες ταινίες!

    1. Reply
      27 Φεβρουαρίου 2017 at 23:01

      Πολύ ωραίες ταινίες και οι δύο που προτείνεις Chrysi! Ηταν μέσα στην αρχική μου λίστα, πριν αρχίσω να γράφω το post. Ως movie fan είχα τουλάχιστον 15 ταινίες να προτείνω. Δεν ήξερα ποια να διαλέξω!