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Albert Espinosa - Άλμπερτ Εσπινόζα

«Dedicated to all those who still want diversity and fight against those who want to be the same.»

The first thing that won me in this book is its title. As soon as I opened the first page and read the author’s dedication, I was sure he would not disappoint me. I will not resist and I will also quote another phrase of the book:»Just when you think you’ve got all the answers, the Universe comes along and changes the questions…»

Albert Espinosa - Άλμπερτ Εσπινόσα

The story is about Danny, a man whose job is finding missing children. At the moment when his wife leaves him, he receives an emergency call and undertakes, without much thought, the survey of a kidnapped child. In the world of coincidences, this kidnapping happens to take place in Capri, a place that played an important role in the hero’s life. During the trip to Capri, and in conjunction with his wife’s abandonment, the hero remembers several events that have happened in his life. The encounter with the past will make him think about his love story and what is really important in life and what is not.

Albert Espinosa - Άλμπερτ Εσπινόσα

In this way, the author makes continuous replicas in the past. These retrospectives are natural and effortless. It is a lesson of writing, with humility and authenticity. With a simple and sober language that has no emotional excitement.

Albert Espinosa - Άλμπερτ Εσπινόσα

Danny is a dwarf. A dwarf who has never managed to approve himself. A dwarf who was afraid of having a dwarf baby. A dwarf who promised his mother that he would become tall. He met some people in his life. Different people, who had the same view of life. In fact, we only meet very few in our lives that we really match. Even if they have different age and shape or color.

Albert Espinosa - Άλμπερτ Εσπινόσα

The messages in the book are a lot. It is “a lesson of life», as characterized by the Spanish newspaper «El Mundo». How does our personality shape, according to the experiences we have? In which way random (?) people we meet play a role in the way we see life? Can some seemingly insignificant decisions change our lives? How strong can people become in difficult situations? Can you achieve the impossible? Can a dwarf rise?

Albert Espinosa - Άλμπερτ Εσπινόσα

«If you stop worrying about falling, you walk better, and you can even dare to run.»

I would really like to write a lot more about the story of the book, but it is a pity to spoil it. It’s better to read it all in the way that Espinosa gives it. I wish the book was bigger. I wish one day the author would decide to give us the follow-up. For Danny and for the baby he acquired. For the missing children he found. For the messages that will continue to give us for the value of life. Thank you, Albert Espinosa.


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