Favorite Outfits: Summer Formal Outfit

Summer formal outfit - Καλοκαιρινό επίσημο στυλ ντυσίματος

Along with the summer, the invitations for weddings and christenings arrived. The basic question is always «What will I wear now?”. Because I used to dress up very casually, I always have a problem when it is to buy an outfit a little more formal. This year, however, I thought so thoroughly, because there is no time for wasting money.

I realized I made the following mistakes:

  • I always bought dresses for such occasions, so I couldn’t match them in a different way.
  • I was drifting off fashion and I bought dresses and shoes in color and style that might have been in fashion for the given season, but it was totally out of fashion the next one.
  • I was spending money on clothes, accessories and shoes that would only be worn once.

So if you belong in the same category as me, you wear high heels no more than 3 times a year, and during the summer you prefer to wear a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, you will surely be interested in learning how this year I corrected these mistakes.

Summer formal outfit - Καλοκαιρινό επίσημο στυλ ντυσίματος

First of all, I turned to the choice of skirt, which can be worn very easily in many cases with the appropriate accessories and shoes. From a relaxing coffee to a wedding. I chose a black and white skirt with thick stripes. I think it’s a safe and classic summer option. It’s pretty classic but not strict. It’s a piece of clothing that will never be out-fashioned. You can also match it with t-shirts in different colors and patterns, so create quite different outfits.

Summer formal outfit - Καλοκαιρινό επίσημο στυλ ντυσίματος

As regards the shoes, I chose a pair of classic black court shoes, because I wanted to have a pair of shoes that I could wear  during winter or summer, either in a dress or in jeans,  these 2-3 times that I would need it. The classic black high heels shoes never are out of fashion. If you match it correctly, you can wear them with your summer outfits. Of course, you will not wear it with your airy dress.

Summer formal outfit - Καλοκαιρινό επίσημο στυλ ντυσίματος

Because my choices until now were quite classic, I decided to break the monotony with some flamingos. This is my favorite handbag for now, handmade by It is easily combined either with casual or with a little more formal outfits. I have already used it three times this month.

Summer formal outfit - Καλοκαιρινό επίσημο στυλ ντυσίματος

And if the evening happens to be a little chilly, a jeans shirt tied around your waist instead of a cardigan or a jacket is the element that makes your outfit a bit more modern and less conventional.

Summer formal outfit - Καλοκαιρινό επίσημο στυλ ντυσίματος

And note here that I am neither a fashion blogger nor a stylist, just not to be misunderstood! 🙂 I speak clearly from my personal point of view and I wanted to share with you the way I have been shopping this summer a formal outfit. Besides, I believe that we on our own make the fashion according to our personal style.

Have a nice summer!

XO, Lena

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