about_katerinaHi! I am Katerina! I live in Thessaloniki, Greece! I have a master’s degree in Computer Science and I work as a developer in a local company. I am happily married to Achilleas, and we have two wonderful boys! I spend most hours of the day in a male-dominated work environment and a male-dominated home! Many times I feel the need to communicate in a more female way. Talk about feelings, crafts, décor, kids and more. This blog is an attempt to express and reveal a part of myself that many people may not know. Moreover, I need to have a little chat about anything that may concern women of our time. My friend Lena will also be here for you and me. Her passion for design and her calmness in facing  situations, together with my realistic perspective of life and my organizing skills will be the recipe for this project. So, bring your coffee and let’s have a relaxing chat! All comments and suggestions are welcome. I hope you enjoy it!

lena_about2Hi!!! Welcome to VioletMimosa! Let’s get to know each other! I’m Lena! During the last years I live in Thessaloniki, Greece, with my husband and our daughter. I am a graduate of the Department of Philosophy, Education and Psychology of the University of Ioannina and currently I am taking a BA course in Interior Architecture. I try to practice the philosophy of lifelong learning, I love reading and I’d like to travel more. Katerina, my co-blogger, is married to my brother, so we have known each other for several years. When she suggested that we create a women’s website, I didn’t hesitate at all to cooperate with her as we share the same aesthetic quality and many common ideas and interests. Through VioletMimosa we aim to express and share tips, ideas and thoughts on various interesting topics. Beauty tips, décor ideas, easy meals, travels and trips, suggestions for books and movies are some of the issues that we are going to deal with. I hope you enjoy reading!!!

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