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Easy Meals

Pancakes with Nutella, Peanut Butter and Fresh Red Berries


Hello! I intended to write a special pancakes recipe. Something like oats-pancakes, maybe with banana, or filled with Nutella. (I have tried all of these!). But when I realized that most of my friends have not even made the simple, plain pancakes, I just thought I had to convince them to try them! Pancakes are our favorite breakfast (only on weekends of course!). They are easy, delicious and you can serve them either sweet or salty! Read More

Decor Ideas, Leisure

Diy Yarn Wall Hanging

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging - DIY Απλό Μακραμέ για τον Τοίχο

Yarn wall hangings are really widespread! I see them everywhere, especially on American blogs and of course in Pinterest‘s décor ideas. I love this type of decoration which gives a warmth to your place. It can make your home a little bit more bohemian and cozy. I promised myself I would buy one too, but then I thought that I ‘d better make one on my own. Read More


Review: The Ritual of Ayurveda – Balancing collection

Rituals of Ayurveda

For some time now I want to talk to you about Rituals. It is a company specializing mainly in body care products, perfumes, and home fragrances. For the first time, I tried them when I received a gift set from the Netherlands (where they are very widespread) from a very good friend of mine. Needless to tell you I was delighted! The Ayurveda collection that I will review in this post was a gift from my sister. Read More


Red Easter Eggs

Red Easter Eggs - Κόκκινα Πασχαλινά Αβγά

This is the blogger’s curse! We cannot wait until Holy Thursday to dye Easter eggs but we should paint them earlier and photograph them to show them to you! I was not satisfied with having only the black and white painted eggs, so I decided that rain or shine I will also paint red eggs as tradition states. According to orthodox Christian tradition, eggs are dyed red to symbolize the blood of Christ. I do not obey tradition so much, but we could definitely not crack black eggs on Easter! Read More


Black and White Easter Eggs!

Black and White Easter Eggs - Ασπρόμαυρα Πασχαλινά Αβγά

This Easter I decorated my home with Black and White Eggs! I do observe traditions, but I also like to make different and new things. Especially things that my mom would never do! In Greece, we all paint red eggs, but as anyone does it, I wanted to show you something more modern and interesting. The black and white eggs I made are beautiful and perfect for decoration not only for Easter but throughout the year! Read More


Easter Bunny Jars

Easter Bunny Jars - Πασχαλινά Βάζα με Λαγουδάκια

In all houses, there are empty jars! I gather any empty jar that I find! I give some of them to my mom to put homemade sauces and jams and some to my step mother for homemade sweets. I use some others as storage containers. Why not use some of them for decoration? Read More


Travel Greece: Hiking Mikro Papingo – Dragon Lake (Drakolimni)

Drakolimni Greece - Δρακόλιμνη

As the weather becomes warmer and sunnier, we dream of trips. Achilles and I are dreaming and planning our next hike. Most likely we will be back on Olympus Mountain, not only because we are in love with this mountain, but also because it is very close to the place we live (Thessaloniki). But until we are given the opportunity, I searched and found photos of a trip I made to Dragon Lake (Drakolimni) as a student. Drakolimni is the name of an alpine lake in mountain Tymfi (2497m). It is located in the wonderful Zagori, on Epirus region of Greece. Read More


Easter Bunny Banner

Easter Bunny Banner - Πασχαλινή Γιρλάντα με Λαγουδάκια

As soon as carnival finished, I started thinking about ideas for Easter crafts and decoration! The truth is that most of us do not decorate so much at Easter, some even do not decorate at all! Certainly, we do much less than Christmas. This Christmas I did not do anything special for decoration because of lack of time, and I missed it a little. So, this Easter I want to do something different, a little more than usual. Read More