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Travel Greece: Monemvasia and Kythira

Monemvasia, Kythira, Greece - Μονεμβασιά, Κύθηρα, Ελλάδα

For those who want to go on vacation but have not decided yet, I have to suggest a fascinating combination. Monemvasia and Kythira. I made this trip with Dimitris before Melina was born and when we just got our first car. And we decided to write as many kilometers as we could that summer. Monemvasia offers tranquility and a trip back in time and Kithira beautiful beaches. That’s a two-to-one trip. Romance and relaxation! Read More


Summer Thoughts

Summer thoughts - Σκέψεις για το καλοκαίρι

Summer officially begins for me today. It is the first morning of my vacations. No, I have not gone anywhere, I am on my balcony and enjoy a few moments of loneliness. It is the first morning after a full year that I can drink my coffee loosely on the balcony and not stand up in the kitchen rushed. And when I say “year”, I mean academic. For me, the year is always changing in June rather than on New Year’s Eve. Every June, I make my review, set new goals and reassemble myself to start again from September. Those who are involved in education in any way may better understand what I am saying. Read More


Favorite Outfits: Summer Formal Outfit

Summer formal outfit - Καλοκαιρινό επίσημο στυλ ντυσίματος

Along with the summer, the invitations for weddings and christenings arrived. The basic question is always “What will I wear now?”. Because I used to dress up very casually, I always have a problem when it is to buy an outfit a little more formal. This year, however, I thought so thoroughly, because there is no time for wasting money. Read More

Easy Meals

Homemade Frozen Yogurt

Homemade frozen yogurt

My favorite dessert for summer (and not only) is frozen yogurt. Because it’s a bit difficult to find tasty frozen yogurt and if you find it is usually quite expensive, I started looking for recipes. I was looking for something easy (of course) and healthy (as much as possible, otherwise I would eat carrots, not ice cream). And I found in (very interesting cooking blog) this recipe that I will show you below. Easy, delicious and healthy! Read More


Books we love: Goodnight stories for rebel girls

Goodnight stories for rebel girls

A few days ago I bought this particular book for Melina and, although it differs greatly from the rest of her books, she often asks to read the book about important women as she says. I discovered it accidentally a few months ago when I saw a video on Facebook “The ugly truth of children’s book”, which is worth seeing ( It is a video made by the two writers of the book and is about how women’s characters are presented in children’s books. Read More

Decor Ideas

My small Balcony Before and After

Balcony Before and After - Μπαλκόνι Πριν και Μετά

A balcony as small as it may be, it doesn’t cease to be a balcony. Especially during spring and summer, it gives us the sense of coolness we seek (of course most of the times it’s a fictitious sense – we live in Greece – ha-ha), it addresses our need to escape from the 4 walls of our house, even for a while. Personally, in the summer, I find an evening on the balcony very refreshing, especially when we are stuck in the city because of work. Read More


DIY Jewelry Stands!

DIY jewelry stands - DIY θήκες κοσμημάτων

I love crafts and I love that always gives me nice ideas! And since it came up, follow us on Pinterest to see both our own ideas and the ideas that inspire us. I close the brackets and continue … In search of a solution for jewelry storage, as I have my own tangled in little boxes in a drawer, I came across this interesting idea with the cube. Read More


We love movies: True Stories!

Movies based on true stories - Ταινίες βασισμένες σε αληθινές ιστορίες

I’ve always liked movies based on true stories. I admit that I am unable to make an objective assessment of these movies. I liked almost every movie based on a true story I’ve seen. I always judge a movie by the general feeling that it leaves to me. Besides, my view about art is very specific: Over-analysis destroys art’s magic! In movies based on true stories I am intrigued by the story and I don’t pay attention to anything else. But how can a person’s life be indifferent? Read More