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Diy Yarn Wall Hanging

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging - DIY Απλό Μακραμέ για τον Τοίχο

Yarn wall hangings are really widespread! I see them everywhere, especially on American blogs and of course in Pinterest‘s décor ideas. I love this type of decoration which gives a warmth to your place. It can make your home a little bit more bohemian and cozy. I promised myself I would buy one too, but then I thought that I ‘d better make one on my own. Read More

Decor Ideas

My small Balcony Before and After

Balcony Before and After - Μπαλκόνι Πριν και Μετά

A balcony as small as it may be, it doesn’t cease to be a balcony. Especially during spring and summer, it gives us the sense of coolness we seek (of course most of the times it’s a fictitious sense – we live in Greece – ha-ha), it addresses our need to escape from the 4 walls of our house, even for a while. Personally, in the summer, I find an evening on the balcony very refreshing, especially when we are stuck in the city because of work. Read More

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DIY Wall Art Ideas for Little Girls’ Bedrooms

DIY Wall Art for girls bedrooms - DIY Κάδρα για κοριτσίστικα δωμάτια

When I was looking for ideas to decorate the walls in Melina’s room, the ready-made solutions didn’t impress me. Either because their colors did not fit to the rest of the decoration or because the patterns were very classic and common for my liking. So I thought to create something on my own! Keep in mind that it was the first time I dealt with DIY crafts and from then I get stuck. Read More

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My Moms Entryway Before and After

Entryway before and after - είσοδος πριν και μετά

The entry area is important, not only because it’s the space that the visitor first sees (and certainly the first impression is important), but mainly because it has great practical and functional value for us who live at home. First of all, a nice entry area creates a sense of security and warmth. It is the place we leave our keys, glasses, bags etc., take our shoes off, and leave our umbrella. There we leave things to remember to take them with us the next day. And before we left the house, don’t we want a mirror to get a last glimpse of our appearance? Read More

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We love Christmas: Let’s decorate our table!

Christmas may be gone, but New Year’s Day is coming! Whether New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day or another day (because we are in festive mood!) it is very likely to invite relatives and friends at home for dinner. Katerina and I thought to suggest you some ideas to make the most beautiful holiday table. All ideas are simple using materials that are very likely to have at home. Christmas decorations, garlands, candles, cords, ribbons, cinnamon sticks, glasses and whatever else you want. Read More

Decor Ideas

We love Christmas: Decorating our Christmas Tree!

In purely festive mood and counting down with Melina the days to Christmas, we decorated our Christmas tree! Those who have children will know that the countdown usually starts from the beginning of November! 🙂 Since then we have been crossing out days in a makeshift calendar that we sketched together on her marker board. So, inevitably we share with her the same impatience for the holidays. Read More

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We love Christmas: DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas is coming and the atmosphere is very festive! Although most of us have already decorated our home or at least we have started to decorate, I think it is not too late to make some handmade decorations! And it is understood that the more we have, the better! We can therefore very easily make stars, which we will hang on the Christmas tree, on the wall, curtains or windows, the fireplace or at the door of our house! Of course, it is a perfect craft for the kids too, as it combines the joy of creation with the excitement of Christmas! Read More