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Easy Meals

Easy Meals

Homemade Frozen Yogurt

Homemade frozen yogurt

My favorite dessert for summer (and not only) is frozen yogurt. Because it’s a bit difficult to find tasty frozen yogurt and if you find it is usually quite expensive, I started looking for recipes. I was looking for something easy (of course) and healthy (as much as possible, otherwise I would eat carrots, not ice cream). And I found in (very interesting cooking blog) this recipe that I will show you below. Easy, delicious and healthy! Read More

Easy Meals

Pancakes with Nutella, Peanut Butter and Fresh Red Berries


Hello! I intended to write a special pancakes recipe. Something like oats-pancakes, maybe with banana, or filled with Nutella. (I have tried all of these!). But when I realized that most of my friends have not even made the simple, plain pancakes, I just thought I had to convince them to try them! Pancakes are our favorite breakfast (only on weekends of course!). They are easy, delicious and you can serve them either sweet or salty! Read More

Easy Meals

Light Chicken Caesar Salad

Light chicken Caesar - Σαλάτα του Καίσαρα με κοτόπουλο

Α salad is always an easy meal that many times has saved me at times of great hunger and lack of free time for cooking. One of my favorite salads is Caesar’s salad. I made several attempts with dressings to make it lighter, so I can eat it more often and without guilt. Read More

Easy Meals, Thoughts

My Birthday Cake and some “growing up” thoughts

Chocolate Charlotte - Σαρλότ Σοκολάτας

I did not even realize when I became 34 years old! I remember several years ago, another woman told me that she was 32 years old and my reaction was: “Wow! You look so young! “. How distant this age seemed to us in our student years? Now, I happened to hear the same cue from a much younger woman. I have to comment on the following. First of all, I believe that I really look like a 34-year-old woman. Not because of my first wrinkles! Someone’s age is shown in the way he/she moves, speaks and deals with the situations around. And if I do not manage always to behave mature, at least I try to. Read More

Easy Meals

Focaccia with cherry tomatoes, rosemary and coarse salt

Λαγάνα με Ντοματίνια - Focaccia With Cherry Tomatoes

We love focaccia! In Greece, there is a tradition to eat it on a special day called “Clean Monday”. Focaccia is a thin, fluffy bread made with olive oil. You can it make it simple, or you can add various herbs, olives, tomatoes, cheese, onions and whatever you like! I have searched and tried several recipes for focaccia. But today I will give you my favorite! Focaccia with cherry tomatoes, rosemary and coarse salt! Read More

Easy Meals

Mulled Wine with Spices

It is so cold! Let me treat you a mulled wine! The first time I tried mulled wine was several years ago in a traditional cafe in my hometown Drama in Greece. It was served in small clay cups and a stein that was heated with a small light candle to prevent wine from cooling down! Needless to say that I loved it! Read More

Easy Meals

Birthday Cake!

We have never bought a birthday cake since Katerina discovered this delicious recipe for chocolate cake, and since then it’s the official family birthday cake. The recipe is from This cake belongs to the so-called “wet” cakes and it has nothing to envy from a classic birthday cake. Instead, it saves you a lot of effort and time. Read More

Easy Meals

Cookies with Oatmeal and Chocolate Chips

I think the words are needless when it comes to cookies with chocolate chips!!! There is no need for introduction! Who doesn’t like them! A very easy recipe for delicious soft cookies that with a rough estimation will disappear within a day. They are perfect either with your morning or afternoon coffee or with milk or as a dessert after lunch. Read More