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Summer Thoughts

Summer thoughts - Σκέψεις για το καλοκαίρι

Summer officially begins for me today. It is the first morning of my vacations. No, I have not gone anywhere, I am on my balcony and enjoy a few moments of loneliness. It is the first morning after a full year that I can drink my coffee loosely on the balcony and not stand up in the kitchen rushed. And when I say “year”, I mean academic. For me, the year is always changing in June rather than on New Year’s Eve. Every June, I make my review, set new goals and reassemble myself to start again from September. Those who are involved in education in any way may better understand what I am saying. Read More

Easy Meals, Thoughts

My Birthday Cake and some “growing up” thoughts

Chocolate Charlotte - Σαρλότ Σοκολάτας

I did not even realize when I became 34 years old! I remember several years ago, another woman told me that she was 32 years old and my reaction was: “Wow! You look so young! “. How distant this age seemed to us in our student years? Now, I happened to hear the same cue from a much younger woman. I have to comment on the following. First of all, I believe that I really look like a 34-year-old woman. Not because of my first wrinkles! Someone’s age is shown in the way he/she moves, speaks and deals with the situations around. And if I do not manage always to behave mature, at least I try to. Read More


Kids: Talking about Emotions

emotions kids - συναισθήματα παιδιά

Emotions connect us to our deepest needs and also are the link with the people around us. When we are able to understand them, we can react properly and take appropriate decisions in order to evolve. We understand what we like, what we do not like, what relationship fulfills us, what does not, what scares us, what ails us… Read More


My reasons for celebrating Saint Valentine’s Day!

Saint Valentine’s Day - Αγίου Βαλεντίνου

With all this moaning of the days, it was impossible for me not to write an article about Saint Valentine’s Day celebration. With a fast internet surfing you will find dozens of articles that are against Valentine’s Day. The main arguments are two: the fest is commercial and love should be celebrated throughout the year and not just one day. Let’s examine them one by one. Read More


Welcome to VioletMimosa!

Let’s get started! Welcome to VioletMimosa!!! We are Katerina and Lena and we are already excited about the idea of the blog. We begin this effort having great mood and we hope to attract your interest!

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