DIY Jewelry Stands!

DIY jewelry stands - DIY θήκες κοσμημάτων

I love crafts and I love Pinterest.com that always gives me nice ideas! And since it came up, follow us on Pinterest to see both our own ideas and the ideas that inspire us. I close the brackets and continue … In search of a solution for jewelry storage, as I have my own tangled in little boxes in a drawer, I came across this interesting idea with the cube. Read More


We love movies: True Stories!

Movies based on true stories - Ταινίες βασισμένες σε αληθινές ιστορίες

I’ve always liked movies based on true stories. I admit that I am unable to make an objective assessment of these movies. I liked almost every movie based on a true story I’ve seen. I always judge a movie by the general feeling that it leaves to me. Besides, my view about art is very specific: Over-analysis destroys art’s magic! In movies based on true stories I am intrigued by the story and I don’t pay attention to anything else. But how can a person’s life be indifferent? Read More


Breakfast Picnic!

Breakfast Picnic - Πρωινό Πικνίκ

Who doesn’t like the idea of a picnic in the countryside! But usually, we never make it real. Because we haven’t got an appropriate park nearby because we don’t want to put ourselves out because we always have an excuse… But it is a nice chance to get away a little bit out of the ordinary and enjoy nature. Children are always excited about that sort of things! Read More


Red Easter Eggs

Red Easter Eggs - Κόκκινα Πασχαλινά Αβγά

This is the blogger’s curse! We cannot wait until Holy Thursday to dye Easter eggs but we should paint them earlier and photograph them to show them to you! I was not satisfied with having only the black and white painted eggs, so I decided that rain or shine I will also paint red eggs as tradition states. According to orthodox Christian tradition, eggs are dyed red to symbolize the blood of Christ. I do not obey tradition so much, but we could definitely not crack black eggs on Easter! Read More


Black and White Easter Eggs!

Black and White Easter Eggs - Ασπρόμαυρα Πασχαλινά Αβγά

This Easter I decorated my home with Black and White Eggs! I do observe traditions, but I also like to make different and new things. Especially things that my mom would never do! In Greece, we all paint red eggs, but as anyone does it, I wanted to show you something more modern and interesting. The black and white eggs I made are beautiful and perfect for decoration not only for Easter but throughout the year! Read More


Easter Bunny Jars

Easter Bunny Jars - Πασχαλινά Βάζα με Λαγουδάκια

In all houses, there are empty jars! I gather any empty jar that I find! I give some of them to my mom to put homemade sauces and jams and some to my step mother for homemade sweets. I use some others as storage containers. Why not use some of them for decoration? Read More

Easy Meals

Light Chicken Caesar Salad

Light chicken Caesar - Σαλάτα του Καίσαρα με κοτόπουλο

Α salad is always an easy meal that many times has saved me at times of great hunger and lack of free time for cooking. One of my favorite salads is Caesar’s salad. I made several attempts with dressings to make it lighter, so I can eat it more often and without guilt. Read More


DIY Dollhouse!

DIY dollhouse - DIY κουκλόσπιτο

I have always stared at the wooden dollhouses that were displayed in toy shop windows. And since Melina was born, I had in my mind to buy one for her. Last year when she was three years old, I looked for dollhouse designs and rates, so I stopped liking them. Just kidding of course! I continued to love them, but I thought they are too expensive. Also, you know how children are… You can buy them the most expensive toy and they continue to play with a box of shoes. So the plan – dollhouse was abandoned until the idea to create my own one came to me. Read More